Principals Message

Murray Kendrick

Naumai! Haere mai! Turou! Turou! Turou!

Welcome to Strathmore School,

I believe you and your child's association with Strathmore School will be rewarding.

At Strathmore School,  the emphasis is on the children achieving to the very best of their abilities in reading, writing, spelling and mathematics along with developing their skills and knowledge in science, technology, social studies, music, arts and crafts and health and physical education.

At Strathmore School the underlying principle is that the school is for its pupils and all of its activities work towards this. The staff is committed to providing quality programmes relevant to the needs of our pupils both now and in the future.

In all classes there is an underlying emphasis on promoting the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural growth and development of the children. We strongly value and embrace the cultures from which our children are drawn

We believe that positive reinforcement for good behaviour leads to children who know what is expected of them and how to behave appropriately. The staff reward good behaviour, and do not accept bad behaviour. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and to accept the consequences of any choices they make.

The secret to any school's success is the quality of the teaching staff.  We are fortunate indeed to have a high calibre teaching staff, who are committed to doing the very best for the children in their classrooms and in the school. They are generously funded each year to keep up to date through attendance at In-Service courses or by studying University papers. The children are the ones who benefit from this as well as the teachers.

Strathmore pupils have always figured prominently among the high schools' best achievers in a range of subjects and have provided a number of Duxes and High School leaders over the past few years

I hope that you will become involved in the life of the school. Come along to our P.T.A. meetings to find out how you can do this.

My office door is usually open and parents don't need an appointment to see me.

Murray Kendrick  - PRINCIPAL



Latest News

23 - 08 - 2020
GALA POSTPONEMENT Due to the current situation with lockdown levels we have decided to postpone the Gala until the 7th of November when we will have a clearer idea of what is happening with regard to Covid-19. Hopefully we will be able to go ahead then.