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Staff 2021

 At the end of 2020 the school roll was 151 pupils with 7 classes. The B.O.T. chooses its own staff.

Classes and teachers for 2021 are -

Mr. Murray Kendrick             Principal

Ms Noa Tereu                         Deputy Principal       Year 4/5/6                                                        Room 1

Mr Jonas Bucher                    Teacher                       Year 5/6                                                       Room 2

Ms Pirihira Bowen                 Teacher                     Year 2/3                                                   Room 3

Mrs Vanessa Carver               Teacher                       Year 1/2                                                        Room 4

Ms Nicole Andrews               Teacher                      Year 3/4                                                     Room 8

Ms. Vivianne Templeton       Senior Teacher          NE/Year 1                                                Room 10

Part time Teachers - Mrs Numia Nooroa, Mrs Vi Teaukura

Reading Recovery Teacher - Mrs Irene Dowdle

School Social Worker - Frances Deane

Teacher Aides - Mrs Kathy Davy, Ms Catherine Hayward, Ms Cecelia Petero, Ms Terri Pepe, Ms Anna Vano, Mrs Dorothy Joshua, Ms Tacy Lothian

School Librarian - Ms Catherine Hayward

School Secretary - Mrs Donna Hartley

School Caretaker - Mr Nga Matangi

Cleaning Staff - Ms Cecelia Petero

Absences - If a child is absent from school, parents are requested to telephone (886 9765), txt (027 304 9652)  or email the office or to write a note to the class teacher. We will ring if a child is away without explanation.

Attendance - In order to succeed it is really important that children attend school every day they possibly can. While bereavements and sickness are legitimate reasons for being away from school, shopping, seeing someone off at the airport, or staying home because a relative is visiting are not acceptable reasons for not attending school. Remember - It's not OK to miss a day!

Attractive Environment - the school buildings and grounds create an attractive environment for children to learn and play. There are three adventure playgrounds (the largest of these is for children 8 years or older), an assembly hall, extensive library, netball courts, paved areas, sunshades, large fields and a resource centre (incorporating the current Library and ICT Suite).

Behaviour Management: Keeping it REAL - We expect Strathmore Kids to keep it REAL - that is show Respect, show Excellence, have a good Attitude and show Leadership.

Strathmore School believes in a positive approach to behaviour management. Behaviour problems are kept to a minimum by ensuring that:

              rules and expectations are clear,

              staff are positive yet firm and consistent,

              children achieve success from an interesting programme,

              children are engaged in constructive play at break times.

We have rules to protect students and to ensure that children's behaviour is of an acceptable standard so that the school environment can be a pleasant and secure place for all. We encourage parents to let us know if their child is being bullied so that we can deal with the issue and the children concerned.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees have the responsibility of governing the school The current board is:

Mrs Akarere Henry - Chairperson

Mr Murray Kendrick - Principal

Ms Noa Tereu-Solomona - Staff Representative

Mr Neville Takiri, Mr Shawn Stewart, Ms Desiree Morunga, Ms Nikayla Tane, Mrs Michelle Phillips - Parent representatives.

BOT meetings are held in the conference room or staff room at 4.00 on the second Monday of each month. Parents are welcome to attend these meetings

Books in Homes - Duffy Books - The school supports the Duffy Books in homes initiative. Each child will be given books during the year which are theirs to keep.  This has been extended to  include pre-school children who have older brothers and/or sisters at school. We would encourage parents to share these books with their children.

Classrooms - these are up to date with new decor and modern furniture. Each is resourced with a wide range of equipment and teaching aids. Further modernisation is anticipated in the next few years.

Computers/Internet - The school has up to date classroom computers, iPads, and a computer suite managed by a very capable Teachers Aid. Children are able to get information from the Internet. The school is on Ultrafast Broadband and runs a web filtering service to ensure unsuitable sites are not able to be accessed.

Concerns or Complaints from Parents - If you  have concerns about your child's progress, well-being, or development you should discuss these in the first instance with your child's classroom teacher. If you are unable to get satisfaction you should approach the Principal. If you feel uncomfortable about these two options you are encouraged to contact a BOT member with your concerns so that they can bring them to the attention of the Principal.



Contact with Teachers - Should you need to phone the school to talk to a teacher it would be appreciated if you could do so either before school, during break, lunch, or after school  Monday to Friday.

Teachers are happy to discuss pupils progress at any time during the year. However in order that a suitable time can be arranged, parents/caregivers are asked to make an appointment.

Cook Islands Maori  - Because of the large numbers of children with Cook Islands ethnicity in the school, a Cook Islands Maori language and tikanga programme will be delivered by Numia Nooroa as part of the classroom programme when teachers have their classroom teacher release time.

Dental Clinic -  The dental clinic is based at the hospital. Please contact the school office if you would like a nurse to attend to your child's teeth at any time during the year.

Education Outside the Classroom - Year 4, 5 and 6 students attend a week camp each year.  These visits are action packed, educational and keenly looked forward to by all. Regular trips are also made by all classes to venues outside the school to support current studies.

Flying Start Programme - Children who will be attending Strathmore School are encouraged to enrol in our Flying Start Pre-School Programme when they turn 4½. This programme, run on Wednesday 9.00 - 3.00 (9.00 - 2.40 in Terms 2 & 3), concentrates on the basic values, key competencies and principles fostered at Strathmore School. It is run by Anna Vano in Room 9.Children can be enrolled for this programme through the office.

Homework - Children in the Junior classes will bring a book home in their book folders each night from Monday through to Thursday. Each Junior child should have a Home Reading Book.

 Senior children should set aside a regular home work period each night for spelling and tables. Occasionally home work related to other subjects may be set. Homework should not be allowed to occupy more than half an hour and should be within the capabilities of the child.

#ItsCooltoKōrero - We run a programme called #ItsCooltoKōrero where we start the week with a full school hui on the first day of each week, and end with a full school hui in the at the end of the day on the last day of the  week.

This introduces children to te reo Māori words and phrases, the whakataukī for the week and a role model (Tangata o te Wiki).

Lost Property - If named, clothing can be returned to its owner. Otherwise it is kept in a box at school and put on display at regular intervals.  Parents who are aware their child has lost clothing should check the lost property box in the hall.

We would encourage parents to name children's clothing.


School lunches will be provided free for all children throughout 2021. A copy of the menu will be sent home via e-mail at the start of each term. Parents may wish to send additional food along with their child.

Newsletters - The school sends home regular newsletters to keep parents informed on school and community events. The newsletter is usually sent home every second Wednesday.

Pre-School Visits - Children are invited to visit Room 10 on a Wednesday morning between 9.00 and 12.30, three weeks prior to their 5th birthday. If they are attending Flying Start they will be visiting Room 10 as part of their day.

Otherwise please phone the school to arrange such a visit. On enrolment we need to see the child's birth certificate, immunisation record and if done Fit for School Certificate.

P.T.A. - The school enjoys fabulous support from parents in the form of the P.T.A. A typical year will see $20,000 raised and spent on Strathmore School students. Examples of what this money has been spent on recently are Sound systems, televisions,  digital cameras, iPads, classroom computers, subsidising class trips and camps and classroom resources.

The P.T.A. meets once a term at 3.10 p.m. in the staff room. Upcoming meetings are noted in the newsletter. All parents are welcome.

Public Health Nurse - Public Health Nurses are registered nurses who work with children, young people and their families/whanau to promote health and provide support to enhance well-being.

What they offer?

Assessments of health concerns for school aged children as requested by parent/caregiver.

The Public Health Nurses frequently assist with:

Nutrition             Soiling                 Night time bed wetting

Hygiene               Vision                  Welfare/ mental health

Hearing               Dental                 Skin rashes- Eczema, scabies, school sores etc.

Interface between school and Health

High health needs such as diabetes, asthma, seizures & allergies.

And Before School Checks and immunisations when referred

1.0   Assistance with health and development.

2.0  Support children, young people and their families to navigate through health care, social agencies and services.

3.0  Facilitate access and link/refer families to other health professionals & services.

4.0  Work with families, teachers and schools to ensure children are healthy and ready to learn.

5.0  Provide health information and advice.

6.0  Organise and deliver immunisation programmes in schools.

7.0  Child advocacy.

How to contact them: Your Public Health Nurse (Brian) can be contacted through the school office or: Tokoroa Office located at Tokoroa Hospital: 8.00am - 4.30pm Tuesday - Friday (excluding public holidays)

M: 021 227 5388 or internal on 07 885 0600 ext. 24656


Reading Recovery - All children are given a comprehensive test of their reading ability close to their 6th birthday i.e. after one year at school. Children who need additional assistance at this stage are placed into the Reading Recovery Programme. In this programme they receive intensive teaching on a one teacher to one pupil basis. Tuition is given by a specially trained teacher. The programme is discontinued when the children can maintain the average reading level for their age.

Reporting to Parents - Parents are invited to participate in setting goals for their children at conferences held in March and August. Parents of senior children (Y4-6) are sent a formal report on their child's progress twice a year. The first report is sent out at the end of June with a final report being sent out at the end of the year. Parents of Junior children will receive formal written reports at the end of the month that their child's birthday falls on and six months prior or after. January birthdays will be reported on in February and July.

School Hours - The hours for instruction are from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. (9 a.m. - 2.40 p.m. Terms 2 & 3). Road Wardens are on duty from 8:30 to 8:55 and 2:55 to 3:10 (2.35 - 2.50 Terms 2 &3). This is on Strathmore Drive only. Duty teachers supervise St Andrews Drive in the afternoon. Morning interval is between 10:30 and 10:50 and lunch is from 12:30 until 1:30 (1.10 in Terms 2 & 3)

Short Days - Terms 2 & 3 - In the second and third terms only, the lunch break is shortened by twenty minutes and the children will be sent home at 2.40.

Social Worker in Schools - The Social Worker in Schools (SWIS) work in partnership with families/whanau in a voluntary (non Statutory) relationship which respects the family's right to participation. 

SWIS role is -

·      To work with families that may be experiencing difficulties with their children

·      To assist parents/caregivers in maintaining positive relationships with their children.

·      To assist in maintaining positive links with the schools and advocate on behalf of the family to resolve any difficulties or misunderstandings arising for their or their children's relationships with the school.

Some of the reasons for referrals may include

·      Family circumstances

·      School attendance

·      Behaviour

·      Social skills/Peer pressure/Bullying

·      Performance

·      Sudden changes

·      Information, advice and support

Please feel free to contact the Social Worker through the school office on (07) 886 9765

Sports and Cultural activities - Strathmore School has a strong sporting tradition. Rippa Rugby, Touch, Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Futsal teams are extremely successful and have great parental support. Equally popular are the Maori and Polynesian Culture groups, and the Choir which performs at a Music Festival every second year.

Stationery - All stationery needed is automatically distributed to students in their classes. There is no cost to parents as the Board of Trustees have agreed to cover this expense.

Swimming Programme - Swimming lessons are taken during the year for all children in the school. Senior children, Y4 up swim every Friday in the morning for Terms 1 and 4. Again the cost of this covered by the Board of Trustees through our Operational Grant.

Junior classes are likely to have a swimming programme in Term 4. This is again at no cost.

Te Reo Māori - Te Reo Māori is taught in all classrooms by the classroom teacher. Children are expected to be able to use te reo at Level 1 of the Te Reo Māori Curriculum by the end of Year 3, and use te reo at Level 2 by the end of Year 6.


Terms and Holidays for 2021:

Term 1   Thursday 4 February to Friday 16 April.

                                          Closed for Waitangi Day Observance 8 February

                                          Closed for Teacher Only Day - 9 February

                                          Closed for Easter Friday 2 April - Tuesday 6 April

Term 2   Monday 3 May to Friday 9 July

                                          Closed for Queen's Birthday - 7 June

Term 3   Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October

Term 4   Monday 18  October to Friday 17 December

                                          Closed   Labour Day - 25 October

School Address

Strathmore School, 27 Strathmore Drive, Tokoroa, 3420

Phone/fax - 07 886 9765 Cellphone - 027 304 9652








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Latest News

02 - 03 - 2021
The Board of Trustees has appointed Jason Wright to the position of Principal at Strathmore School starting Term 2