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As you are aware 8 schools in Tokoroa have formed what is called  the Community of Learning I Kāhui Ako.  It's about us working  collaboratively together for the benefit of all our students, raising student achievement together and designing an effective and meaningful pathway of learning ensuring that all our students www.bestleatherbags.com are successful in the future when they do enter in to the wider world. 


We are so excited about what this can potentially do for all our students, teachers, parents/whanau and the wider community.  What comes with being a part of this initiative is resourcing for our schools.


The number of CoL's is growing quickly as communities weigh up the considerable advantages of working more closely together. As at the end of April 2017, 197 Communities of Learning have been established across NZ involving:

·         543,000 children and young people from 1,630 schools;

·         184 early learning services and 4 tertiary providers;

·         more than 1,100 new leadership and teaching positions.


Our Tokoroa CoL principals begun the journey of collaboration in 2017 and with the appointment of the lead principal in Term 4, 2017 has meant, we have continued building trust and structures to enable a purposeful sharing of our knowledge, expertise and resources.

What is still important to us is that each school keeps their uniqueness and autonomy, it is not about schools being a clone of each other. This is about making it easier for each school to learn about the great things that are happening within their own settings and within other schools to help each school determine what might be of benefit for their students. This is about taking the best of what others might be doing to enhance our own unique, autonomy with a focus on what is best for the students.  The end game is to support each other to lift student achievement community wide.

The Journey So Far........

Term 4 2016

·         School principals began meeting to discuss possibility of forming a CoL.

2017 Year

·         Further gatherings with the school principals to look at what our own school strategic vision is and whether we have enough in common to be able to move forward in forming a CoL.

·         Ministry of Education came to Tokoroa area to talk about CoL and what it could mean for Tokoroa.

·         Guest principal lead from another CoL brought in to the Tokoroa area to share the journey of forming and participating in a CoL.

·         8 schools keen to express an interest to form a CoL.

·         Expression of Interest put forward by school BOT's to enter in to an agreement to form a CoL

·         CoL principal group representing school boards appoint Tania Morrison as CoL leader to begin Term 4, 2017.

·         Lead CoL Tania Morrison participating in forums and professional learning around setting up CoL, guidelines, structures, and further strategic next steps.

·         Lead CoL Tania Morrison engaged with an Expert Partner Mere Berryman from Poutama Pounamu to begin supporting the process of writing the achievement challenges for Tokoroa Kāhui Ako and supporting the Lead CoL.

January/February 2018

·         School principals meeting to develop and collaborate on:  vision - stakeholder consultation/engagement -  data analysis -operating structures - forming achievement challenges based on our data and needs across the community of schools

·         Two principal leadership experts Suzanne Mariassoucé (Tokoroa Intermediate) and Christine McLiesh (Amisfield) have been appointed by the school principal group to provide leadership and strategic support to the lead CoL and in implementing the strategic and annual plan.

·         Professional Learning Development proposal put in to the Ministry for the Tokoroa Kāhui Ako

The Journey Ahead........

Once achievement challenges is written and approved by the Education Minister we will be able to:

·         Work on achievement challenges and begin deliberate actions 

·         Consultation and engagement of all stake holders, planning for high impact

·         Involving staff across the schools in professional learning

·         Appointment of new roles

Our whole community has a stake in the success of our CoL. We often share the same tamariki and the same whānau. We will achieve greater success if we also share a commitment to working together in the interests of all student across our amazing community.

These are exciting times to be a learner in the Tokoroa Kāhui Ako.

Please contact any of the Tokoroa Kāhui Ako schools for further information.